“A Remote What?”


Oh my!… I never know what I might find at my favorite Thrift Store  … as I have said before, “It is called “Unique” “… a most appropriate name!… I usually look at glassware… decorative items… pictures… really anything that catches my eye! And so the item that did this for me today… well, you would never guess!…It was a “Remote Snake” Brand new in the box  … and my first thought was that my grandson would just love it!… He’s right at the age that being a jokester is his perfect way of expressing his humor … So, being Grandma … I couldn’t resist making his day with this “unique” toy… All it needed were two AA batteries and two AAA batteries … This snake was called a “Banana Boa”… 20″ long… with glowing eyes…and moved forward…backwards…and side to side  …  I was actually impressed with it’s functions… It didn’t like the rough terrain my Grandson wanted to put it on… (it’s got tiny wheels on the bottom)…that makes it slink around… and he wished it liked to go through tall grass … That would be more real and actually scare people!… but, even at that, he was quite satisfied with his “unique” gift… Without me telling him… he turned off both switches to save the batteries… although I provided more  in case he played with it a lot… and then carefully put it back in the box to transport it home… I had went to his sister’s soccer game and he immediately showed it to her when she was finished… I paid less than $3.00 for it… and retail showed it to be running around $35.00… So, “I was quite pleased with my purchase”,  as his Daddy used to say when he bought something he liked… and by the way… Kennedy’s soccer team won  their game!

3 thoughts on ““A Remote What?”

  1. Hello,

    I just love your Unique story and wonderful purchase. Shopping at Unique is always a fun experience and you never know what you’re going to find. I just call it treasure shopping. It sounded like you liked the remote snake equally as much as your grandson. Too cute!!! Happy shopping!!!

    By the way, the two little shirts of when the boys were little were so sweet!! It’s so nice that you saved them and now you can look back and cherish so many fond memories. Gee, where has the time gone?? All of our kids have grown up and of course we’ve grown older, but better. It’s especially wonderful being RETIRED and doing what you want whenever you want!!! Keep the power in the pen……Write on……… Hugs, Andrea

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