My Version of the “Derby Fascinator”!

The Kentucky Derby will be on May 5, 2012 this year… It’s always the first Saturday in May… Living in Kentucky at this time is quite special!… There’s The Hot Air Balloon Race … The Steamboat Race on the Ohio River… a new boat “American Queen”  will be competing with our “Belle of Louisville” and the “Belle of Cincinnati”… The Pegasus Parade  … The Chow Wagon… The Run for the Rose’… Bedlam… Thunder Over Louisville  …and that’s just to name a very few of the activities and events

Today the YMCA that I belong to… had a Derby Luncheon… The cost is minimal… There were probably around 30 of us that attended… The lunch consisted of baked chicken, BBQ Pork , Green Beans, Mashed potatoes, 7-Layer Salad, Macaroni Salad and Hot Rolls… Delicious!… Tea, Coffee and Water to drink… Pecan  and Apple Pie + Chocolate Chip Brownies for dessert… Delicious!

There were guessing games about  facts of the Kentucky Derby … It’s funny how you go “blank” until you hear the answers and we all say, “Oh , Yeah!… I knew that!”… Each time someone got a right answer they were to take a Silk Red Rose  from vases on the tables… The one with the most Roses won… No, I didn’t win… but, I did get 1 Rose… We had Horse Racing… with Paper Horses colored by the YMCA Daycare… So cute!… I won this race … only to find out the winner was the one who came in last BUMMER!… but, cute idea… They received a Derby Cup with the names of the Last Place Finishers of each Derby

Later… I did have to compete with the runner-up of the race I had thought I won… and this time I did win and a Garland of Red Silk Roses was placed around my neck… Just like the winning Derby horse receives  … Although they get REAL Red Roses… a blanket to be exact… crafted by ladies… stitching on one rose at a time the night before the race…

Some of us participated by wearing Derby Hats fashioned any way we wanted… I made my sister-in-law’s and mine… similar to the “Fashionista” Hats  worn at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding  in England … They were actually called “Fascinators”… Basically a headband with feathers, a flower, ribbons and Derby symbols… They turned out quite cute… but, we didn’t win… another “Bummer”… because I felt we were deserving… Oh, well… I’ll just have to wear my little hat on Derby Day and hope it brings me luck in picking the winner  …

“The Winning Hat!”

“Another Creation!”

“More Pretty Ladies!”

“My Fascinator Derby Creation”…

 Myself with Sister-in-law…

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