“A Winged White Horse!”…

This was last year’s blog on the Pegasus Parade in my city of Louuisville, KY… Instead of “Absolutely Pegasus” leading the parade…the winged inflatable has been renamed “Peggy Bank”… The Grand Marshall this year isCyndi Lauper and will be singing her hit song, True Colors before the parade begins… This parade impacts our local economy in the tune of $22 million now… with  the Parade theme being “Family- Fun-Games”…

The Pegasus Parade was this evening in downtown Louisville…About 235,000 people attend…lining the main street of Broadway that runs East/West through the city…This parade began in 1956 with 4 volunteers and a budget of $640.00 …of course that has changed drastically!…The Pegasus Parade is the oldest event of the Kentucky Derby Festivities…It is always on the Thursday before the Kentucky Derby which is always on the first Saturday in May…We have lots of traditions… The parade is led by “Absolutely Pegasus” which is the name of the inflatable balloon that is in the shape of a beautiful white-winged horse… In the parade are floats, marching bands, giant inflatable cartoon characters, equestrians and celebrities…There is a Parade Grand Marshall chosen to ride in a convertible …Some of the past Grand Marshalls were John Wayne , Raymond Burr , Loretta Lynn , Muhammad Ali and Michael Landon …The theme for this year’s Parade is “Heroic Adventures…”Pegasus” is derived from Latin…and the story is from Greek Mythology …Pegasus was an immortal winged white horse…lived in the palace of Zeus …He carried thunder and lightning for Zeus…Later Pegasus was placed amongst the constellations…His rising, marked the arrival of the warmer weather of Spring and Seasonal Thunderstorms…It seems to fit perfectly at this time of year  in Louisville …Pegasus like our Kentucky Derby Race Horses …the warmer weather in May …and an unexpected thunderstorm just around the corner to keep things interesting…I’m looking forward to watching …and will probably get goosebumps  as I always do…as I see that Winged Horse flying through our streets…

“My Kids!”…

Derby was a good time for many class lessons …Louisville located on the Ohio River with so many traditions, customs and historical landmarks …was great for History/Geography lessons…Mathematics became more interesting when you were estimating how fast the Gigantic Hot Air Balloons were flying in the wind…and where they might land due to weather conditions …Yes, Science pops it’s head in there …We had fantastic Art lessons when Derby pictures were colored, Derby Hats and Jockey Silks   were designed…Our Bake Shop tried it’s hand of making a, consisting chocolate chips, pecans, sugar and butter…a little Bourbon  if you like…but, not OUR version…We were at school! …Topped with a little whipped creamYUMMY!…The kids wrote stories or read stories about  Louisville traditions incorporating English of course and Language Arts…The story of the Pegasus came up as the students watched it leading the Pegasus Parade…and of course the question of, “Do some horses really have wings?”…”I’ve never seen one!”…so another lesson had to be taught about the “Mythical” white horse with wings…”What is Mythology?” they would then say…and so our lessons continued on and on and on…even after the race was won!

4 thoughts on ““A Winged White Horse!”…

  1. This is a great post with history and lessons on the Derby. As a fellow Kentuckian, I wish I were in the beautiful Bluegrass this weekend, but, unfortunatey, I’ll be wishing and hoping from afar (in Texas). No worries ……. my loving and gracious family has already placed my bets for The Oaks and Derby races. I hope I win big – I’ll squeal for sure!

    Hugs to another Kentuckian!
    Nicole @ Three 31

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