HOP Over to See My “Major Award”


Do you remember in the movie A Christmas Story   when Mr Parker…Ralphie’s Dad… won a “Major Award”… At least that is what he called it!

…and since then… I have heard that phrase used for anything that someone gets as a prize, present, etc. … Mr. Parker said he used “mind power” to win his award… I doubt anything but, “luck” has anything to do with winning… but, it makes you wonder on the odds doesn’t it? …

Well, yesterday the postman came ringing my door bell… handing me a box…  I thought it was some engraved pencils I had ordered from Oriental Express for my TOPS group… but, lo and behold!…I love saying that!… It was for me!… I opened the box to find I had won a “Major Award”!… It was sent priority mail costing $10.85and I saw it was from Insight… my cable/internet/phone company… I couldn’t imagine what it was!… and to my surprise a little Bunny pops his head out… Oh, the memory comes in at me as I say, “I’ve won a Major Award!”…

I had entered my name in a contest in hopes of winning a stuffed bunny from the movie called HOP … Universal Studios Home Entertainment brought this movie out on April 1, 2011 in time for Easter… Of course all of the kiddos flocked to see it!… bringing in $183,953,723.00… I had totally forgot about it… seeing as I hardly ever win anything…”Once in a blue moon” as they say…

I couldn’t help be a little excited!… It’s not every day that someone wins a “Major Award”… especially me!… He is kind of cute … and will probably go to my granddaughter, Kennedy… She’s still at the age of liking stuffed animals… The tag on him said he cost $18.00… Almost as much to ship him as his worth… This will be a cute memory to relate later in years… and I haven’t even seen the movie!

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