“I Like Them A Little Bit!”


Cup Cake Day!… Not a sweet in the house…That’s a No- No around here… I remembered I had bought chocolate cake mix and frosting for my grandkids to make cupcakes the other night…but, we were so busy and decided on ice cream making… so I still had the ingredients… I mixed up the batter and found I only had 12 cupcake papers

… That’s OK… I’ll make them + a small 8″ x 8″ small square cake… It will be eaten…no matter what shape!… I saved me two plain chocolate cupcakes… I’m not too big on frosting… but, a warm chocolate cupcake… YUM!… I had bought white fluffy frosting in a can

… I already had a basketful of sprinkles… every color you can imagine…

You can tell… I’m a Grandma… I looked them over and decided on the Pastel Rainbow Colored Sugar Crystals… Just a little to make them pretty…

Already … a few are missing… Like I said, “My guys love sweets”… and I guess I can say, “I like them a little bit!”… Ha, ha!

6 thoughts on ““I Like Them A Little Bit!”

  1. Looks yummy! I never turn down or pass up chocolate! I don’t always have time to bake, but I keep a bag of M & M’s around just in case I need a little chocolate love and don’t have anything warm and decadent on hand! ~ Sheila

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