Thank you, Jesus!


I made a statement on a fellow blogger’s BLOG … that has remained with me for days… Do you ever wonder where things you say or do come from?… I was listing things about myself  … Some things from my childhood days … some things from my early years of marriage  and some about me right now

I know you are wondering what I said that has got me to thinking

Well, what I said was…

God knew I would need Him… So He came into my life”  …

This happened in my early twenties… It was a day I’ll always remember …and have spoken of before…

I have needed my Lord… as I call Him… every day since I found Him… because He already knew me!… He opened up my heart to accept Him and I never looked back… That is not to say I haven’t done things I’ve shouldn’t…said things I’ve shouldn’t…acted in ways I shouldn’t…But, I always knew I needed to return to my Savior, and then things would be alright… No, believe it or not I’m not perfect …I’m not wise …I’m not the best …I’m not outstanding… I’m just a woman who is living this life that was given her 63 years ago… I was blessed and shown mercy  in that God knew me before I was born… at my conception… when I was young and now that I’m getting older … He knew I would need Him… so He came into my life… Isn’t that the most amazing thing!… It just makes me smile to myself … and gives me a feeling of love  in my heart like no other thing could give…

Thank you, Jesus!

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