It’s Done!…Why Did It Take So Long???

I’m beginning to wonder about my painting things lately… This chair seemed to take forever… Is it the chair???… It is hard to reach… being so low and the seat sits back so far… Is it the paint???…. no, I usually use acrylics… and then put a coat of polyurethane spray over it… Is it being retired… a little lazy??? maybe… I actually think it might be that I’m a little older and it just takes me longer… and I have to admit… I lose interest easily…

But, I have finally finished painting my son Brian and his wife Melanie’s Adirondack blue chair

I hope they like it…


My starting sketch…

Completed chair!… What do you think?

My starting sketch…

12 thoughts on “It’s Done!…Why Did It Take So Long???

  1. Your chair may have taken awhile to complete, but the end results are AWESOME!! Way to go Marilyn!! So your starting another chair tomorrow. (Ha Ha) Stay cool and we will chat again real soon!! Hugs, Andrea

  2. I agree with eof737, mkg…really, you should start mass painting and market your unique chairs or you could do it as single projects. Great, great work! :)
    Hope you had a fun 4th and now, relax…it’s the weekend! Yay!

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