“Show By Example…Will Never Be Forgotten!”


I just talked to my daughter-in-law… she wanted to know if I remembered I was having my grandson tonight?… uhhhh?… I hate to say it, “I had forgotten!”  … not a big deal… I’ll take my grandkids anytime I can… I couldn’t believe a week had passed… I had him last Friday  night… Mom and Dad both having to work… and had promised I’d have him this Friday too… Both working again…

This time I will have Carson

and his big sister, Kennedy

… Great!… Love seeing them both… I say, “They can spend the night if they want”  … Sometimes they do and sometimes they have other plans… I’ve learned to understand that they are growing up and have friends they like being with…

Last week Carson couldn’t spend the night because he had a parade the next day… A parade with his fellow football players … all of the teams riding in trucks  and walking to show their team spirit  

He was excited about making some signs to show his support… so Grandma (me)… with her never-ending supply of ideas … helped him make a sign  … We made it out of a box… covered in paper… glued “Viking” pictures … and drew pictures… and painted … put it on a stick provided by his Poppy… and hung gold and purple ribbons  from it… Well, I guess you get the picture… He thought it was just awesome!… Our heads put together can usually come up with some pretty nifty stuff

We made various other smaller signs… and he told me, “Taylor made me one too”… that’s his older sister

I left him to watch TV for a while and got on   … He would come in and get a few supplies from my stash … I had no idea what he was doing until he brought 3 cards to me and asked me, “Will you spell a few words for me?” He’s seven … and he had written most of what he wanted to say by himself… The gist of it was… He had written notes to all three of his coaches telling them how they were the best coaches his team could have… then placed them in envelopes to take to them the next day…

Of course tears came to my eyes of how thoughtful he was… how he had done this all on his own… how “smart” I think he is!… but, of course the main thing is that he has a good heart  … and maybe he’s already learning to show it to others … I just think that’s such a wonderful thing… Way to go Mom and Dad… Sisters… maybe even Grandparents… for showing him the way others should be treated

I always say, “Show by example… and it will never be forgotten!”

Love you Carson!

PS… Mom held the sign high and everyone commented on how great it was at the parade… I knew it all along!

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