Will You Make Another One?

I have the most amazing husband… I see something and he so willingly tries to oblige my wantings… He had never done this kind of project before… but, was willing to give it a try… “Just for me!”…

It took him a total of about 4 days to actually complete… but, it is now finished… and I will cherish all of the work he put into it… Thanks Bobby…

It started with a used automobile tire

First cut with an electric saw


Auto tires are steel beltedsteel running throughout the rubber… extremely hard to cut…

Tire is now turned wrong side out… not easy… took two guys… and I do mean strong guys…

Long strips being cut… wonder what that is???

Whatever could this be???

Does it have a head now???

Maybe a good washing will help… thanks to Bobby…

Painting has begun…

Do you see it yet???

Carson… grandson… trying his hand at spray painting

Can you see it???

Carson thinks it looks pretty neat!…

You do know by now don’t you???

Can you see my face ???

Next year I will be holding a green vine of some sort… and I will be the envy of all other “Parrots”…

and Bobby says, “Never again!”… We didn’t realize it was a motorcycle tire… not an auto tire… Oh well!

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