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Morning Omelet…


I’m laying here with my eyes still closed   … My mind is already starting to put pictures of people and events into my head… I go from one to the other… and when I get wider awake … I decide it’s enough of this!… Everything is starting to twirl around and I need to get fully awake… My eyes open and I know it’s time to get up   …

It seems we have inner alarm clock … I can usually even tell you what time it is within a few minutes…

In my earlier awaking moments… I’ve tried to think of what plans I have… if any… for the day… appointments … calling people… taking someone somewhere… what I’m going to cook…

I’m not as good at waking up as I used to… I know why… I’m retired… and not on any real schedule   … At times this is wonderful!… but, at times I can see having to go somewhere every day… keeps our lives in more order

Every day is somewhat of a surprise… Just going with the flow of what others want to do… what I want to do… What I “need” to do…

So far this morning… I’ve been on the computer  … watched the news   and weather  … had my one cup of coffee… all I want anymore… petting my cat, Jill… walked around my yard looking at my flowers and listening to the animals waking up… feeding the birds  … feeling the grass under my feet… sitting in our swing   under the big oak tree… just being quiet

I had seen that my husband had been up earlier… by the coffee pot being on… and I know he will be getting up for the day soon… He just needed a few more ZZZZZZ’s   …

I decide to fix him an omelet of sorts… I had green pepper… green onions… cherry tomatoes… two different kinds of cheese… and of course eggs… He says, “That sounds good!… with two pieces of toast”… and he always has to have a bite of jelly   …

So this is the result…

Actually pretty yummy!… We shared…

Started with two rings of green pepper… chopped green onions and some chopped ham…

I added a few cherry tomatoes to my side… and poured in two well beaten eggs…

Added some salt/pepper to taste… and swirled egg around edge of skillet…

Time to flip over…Yes…my huhsband wants his eggs “DONE”…

Adding my favorite part of American Cheese and shredded Italian Cheese…

With a lid put on just until cheeses melt…The Omelet is ready…and we ate every bite!

Comments on: "Morning Omelet…" (4)

  1. Looks delish… Yummy!:-)

  2. OOOOhhh, this omelet looks great!

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