Weekly Photo Challenge…”Wrong”

It’s so wrong… that the grandkids made their new puppy, Wickett” into a Steelers’ Fan right away!

It’s so wrong to be this cute!

It’ so wrong to be loved this much!

 It’s so wrong that my cat, Jill… always laid on the Grandkids bed where they couldn’t use it!

Just a little jealous!

It’s so wrong that Jill took over the oldest Granddaughter’s bed too… and didn’t want to even talk about it!

It’s so wrong that Jill thinks that whatever I purchase… belongs to her!… Even my wreath for the front door… and by the way… she’s on my bed now!

 It’ so wrong that Jill gets to snuggle with “Monkey” and sleep all day… while I have to work to buy her “Meow Mix“…

  It’s so wrong…that Jill can sit any where she wants… and always looks so prim and proper!

It’s so wrong when Jill’s favorite food, “Meow Mix” makes it to FACEBOOK!

Actually some might think this is Wrong…but, I just love everything our pets do!

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…”Wrong”

    • It is hard…My last dog was “Sugar” …had her for 16 years…When she passed…no more dogs…Now, my cat Jill is heading on 10 years…so I will probably experience another sad day in the near future…Thanks for reading…~mkg

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