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I usually have low blood pressure … but, let me have to deal with anything electronic… and it must go sky-high!…

Why are there always so many wires??? … Why can’t things be labeled really BIG!… I’m not in shape to get down on my hands and knees and try to see a small rectangular  or round holes that only work for one thing!…

The more we try to straighten my computer… desk light… and telephone cords… the more tangled they get!…

Have you noticed I’m using a lot of explanation marks  in my Blog???… Well, my heart rate is still up! I’m sweating! … I’m drinking iced tea like there’s not going to be anymore!… and I’ve asked for the air conditioner to be turned down to let me just freeze  for a while!…

Oh, yes! … we’ve tried tying the cords together… looking for the color coded little holes… and ends… Holding onto the cord and following it to wherever it ends… It just doesn’t work!…

I have a long plug with six jacks… all full… and the wall socket  with two more jacks is full too… YUCK! … and as I pulled out my computer desk I found some interesting little things behind there… Of course dust!… some kind of crumbs… could it be cookies? some receipts… and a few pens and pencils … I guess that wasn’t too bad… It has been worse!

So after crawling on the floor… huffing and puffing… pushing and pulling on my desk and chair… saying a few choice words … like Dang It!… Geeez!… Fudge!… Darn It!… Good Grief!… And if you believe that’s what I said… I could probably sell you one of these darling electronic gadgets!

Anyway… I decided… to just sit down cool offdrink another glass of tea… almost tempted to see if any stronger beverages were in the fridge… and let off a little steam… I do believe if you had seen me it would have been coming out of my ears  … I might even eat a bite of dark chocolate One bite?… I doubt that!… I have heard it lowers blood pressure though…

My blood pressure is down… my heart rate has lower… I’m cooling off a little and just now took a long…deep… breath… I might just survive

Let’s hope no more #$%^&*!@# electronics to be replaced!… and I’m so glad you didn’t hear that!


Comments on: "My Blood Pressure Has Been Raised!" (7)

  1. After a similar experience the last time I had to dig for a particular cord, I got some colored pipe cleaners (now called “chenille stems”) and wrapped a different color around the beginning and end of each one. This has saved me SO much time and frustration since then! But you’re right . . . sometimes it sounds good to go back to fewer gadgets!!! 🙂

  2. Please hold on tight… this too shall pass. 😉

  3. Oh dear, quick we need to cyber ship you a load of dark chocolate!!

  4. […] My Blood Pressure Has Been Raised! ( […]

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