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“A Bean Is a Bean!”


Ok… so I thought it was likePea Pod“… Sugar Peas or Snow Peas … I had eaten them many times… Greenin a podkinda sweet in taste… Yummy with oriental foods   or just as a side compliment vegetable to most any meat…

WRONG!… Not the same thing… Pretty green color… after preparing them… And thank goodness I read the directions or they would have been thrown in the garbage…

I had heard the name… wasn’t quite sure what kind of bean it was… but, a bean is a bean or so I thought…

This bean was first documented in 1275 by a Japanese Monk , Nichiren Shonin … A parishioner had brought them to him and he replied with a thank you note…

It’s name means “twig bean”… and is supposed to be nature’s “Perfect Food”…

It is a complete protein. It’s rich in fiber, and heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fats. It’s rich in plant-based protein, gluten-free, low in carbohydrates and is diabetes friendly. Most importantly, it is said that they tastes great and are fun to eat!

Well… Everyone to their own opinionabout the taste and being “fun” to eat…

I bought them in the vegetable frozen foods department… “Looked so yummy”, as I said… and would go great with the meat dish I was preparing…

They were a Steam-Fresh product of Birds Eye“… That was good sign…”Birds Eye” is  known for fresh tasting vegetables… Picked at their peak of tenderness and would have the fresh flavor we all crave…

Steamed (microwaved) in package like directions said…

You steam them in the bag by microwaving them… so you really don’t know what they look like… After reading the directions I knew I would be shelling these beans… Isn’t that why I bought them… No more work than needed???…Oh, well… I hadn’t read the “how to prepare” directions until after I got them home…

Removed all of the shells by popping (squeezing) out the beans…

After shelling them… I had to run a little cool water over them to be able to handle them… They popped right out and were a perfect fresh green color… I was wondering if there would be enough for three people… but, as it turned out… there were plenty!… Didn’t look like any that I had seen…  

Edamame” …

“twig bean” (eda = “twig” + mame = “bean”)

Yes, I had heard that name… but, I still didn’t know they were young soybeans… I always say, “I’ll never be too old to learn one new thing every day!”… and now you have to…

Pretty green…a little nutty taste and crunch when eaten…

Ok… So you knew this already… Just appease me… please… Thanks for reading!


Comments on: "“A Bean Is a Bean!”" (1)

  1. Yes, they are delicious and many companies sell them packed and ready to heat/eat. 😉

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