I Was Led To Make A Trip!


Where to begin???

I got it into my mind to meet (visit) a blogging friend

No, I had never met her personally… She has a brother, Al… who has Parkinson’s disease … She has her own blog… and has made hundreds of blogging friends … just by describing her daily life with this debilitating disease

When I first read her blog… I guess I was drawn to it due to working with Special Needs Children for 30+ years and also by having a son diagnosed with Bi-polar Disorder

I could sympathize!

Of course I’m not the only one as I said… that gives her words of encouragement… feels her hurt… her pain… her tears … her fears… as she watches her brother’s body deteriorate

I have learned so much from her blog… as to the real meaning of someone suffering with the pain… of Parkinson’s

Al… loves Coca-Cola paraphernalia … He is an avid collector

My son had collected COKE items also at one time… Eventually putting them on Ebay for sale except for a few special pieces… and then of course some items didn’t sell

I asked if I could mail Al some pieces… Terry says, “Great!”… maybe would bring him a few minutes… hours… maybe even a day of joy! So my son got the items together… I packed and shipped them to him as a surprise

His two favorite items were a Coca-Cola Christmas Ornament  and a baseball hat… made of Coke cans  … I was told of his reaction and shown pictures of Al with them…

 I just love this photo!

As much joy as he got from them… I received back … Along with my husband and son who kept up with this unique blogger and her brother

So Thursday I had made arrangements to meet at Al’s favorite place to eat lunch

Drugstore/Soda Fountain… where we ate…

… and meet these sweet people

We drove about 4 hours to an area of Indiana… I had never been to… A quaint town… and beautiful scenery on the way…

Farmland… in Indiana

Terry and Al were just like I expected!… “Sweet!”, as I said … Easy to get along with… easy to be with

We talked and ate at the soda fountain that is in a drugstore where Terry picks up Al’s meds… This Drugstore has a great variety of things you would want as well as need… and the Soda Fountain serves great food Homemade milkshakes in the traditional soda glass … It was perfect!… Terry said, “We have been coming here since we were children”… Isn’t that grand!…

Soda Fountain/Tables

We chatted… and of course it was not long enough… but, we could tell Al was getting very tired and hurting “Enough of a good thing”, as they say… He needed to get home and rest and so did Terry…

We left as though we had known each other forever… Hugged … Kissed… and I did get a couple of pictures

“Sweet Terry”

“Smiling Al”

Was it worth the trip?… Absolutely!… I’ll never forget it… I went out of my boundaries… along with my wonderful husband …who let me have this wish

So, don’t be afraid to do the unusual… Go meet that perfect stranger

… go take part in some happening you’ve been wanting to do… Meet different peopleGo to different places…

We found this wonderful Amish bakery called Maple Lane Bakery and Furniture… on the way home… We bought this scrumptious Black Raspberry homemade pie… and ate right out of the pan…

You will be rewarded abundantly with joy and happiness  

I feel the Lord lead me to do this How do you explain that?… You don’t!… You just know in your heart  when he is leading you … So let Him guide… Give Him the pleasure of a moment where You followed His heeding

and thanks Terry and Al for the visit… Maybe we’ll see each other again

“God Willing” and the “Creek Don’t Rise”… as the old timers use to say…

20 thoughts on “I Was Led To Make A Trip!

  1. all i can do is sit here and cry. you reaching out to us was the kindest thing i have experienced in months. i will never forget you nor your husband. you both were so kind to Al, and this made me very happy. he never gets tired of talking about coke does he? may the lord bless you for doing this for us and making Al forget about his pain for a little while. hugs and much love, Me

  2. Wonderful post …. so nice and funny put together – with all the small pictures … fantastic post. Thanks for doing the trip … I would love to do the same .. but sitting in Sweden. And million thanks for sharing your meeting. *smile

  3. You are so lucky to have been able to meet Terry and Al. From reading Terry’s words on her blog, I can tell how special she is. I am so glad that she was able to meet someone who met her through her blog so that Terry would maybe realize that we all mean it when we tell her how special she is.

  4. What a sweet and moving story! And how like you to do something that ministered to someone with a special need. Thank you for sharing, and for the encouragement to not be afraid of doing a good thing just because someone is a stranger. I, too, often feel a strong connection with friends I’ve met through blogging, although I’ve never met any of them in person yet. But I hope to! ~ Sheila

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