I Love A Rainy Day… Night???


It is so quiet… It’s funny how a rainy day can put a calming effect over everything… People seem to even talk quieter

It has rained all day… even a little loud thunder… letting us know it has arrived … It’s what I call a soaker rain… Good for the earth … healthy for the plants … getting down into the roots

My guys here at home are napping  … Even Jill , my cat… is sleeping on the back of the couch… Curled up on her blanket

I’ve got plenty to do… but, the rain has made me lazy… I just want to chill myself

I usually cook on these kind of days… or bake … but, no one was even wanting to eat

So I decided some tuna salad along with a little pasta salad  I had made yesterday would do for me…

I’ve read all of my emails … caught up on all of the blogs from my blogging friends… Even making a few comments

I guess I’ll play my favorite computer game for a while… Mahjong … I seldom try to beat my score… I’m not that competitive… I just play to relax me… and to have something to do until I get sleepy enough for a nap … Besides Rainy Days

I even “Love A Rainy Night!”… like   Eddie Rabbitt!


6 thoughts on “I Love A Rainy Day… Night???

  1. Oooh, I was looking for something to eat and could not find anything appetizing but now that you mentioned pasta salad…yum! Thanks, gonna go find some! :) Great, fun post :)

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