I Even Surprise Myself!


Surprise!… Surprise!… Surprise!

Do you remember who said that? …

Gomer Pyle… aka… Jim Nabors 

That simple phrase was embedded in my mind so many years ago…

making me smile

The character of Gomer Pyle  was so different from the voice that emanates when Nabors sings

(check out videos at end… you will truly enjoy)

I received a surprise yesterday from myself

I opened up a box of items… thinking it would be Yard Sale things… and to my surprise… everything in the box was brand new!…

Items I had bought last year after Halloween  and Christmas  … It was so fun!… because I had completely forgot about them… I had Halloween placemats… a table runner… napkins… plates… cupcake papers/picks… and cute dish towels…

and then I remembered they were like 75% OFFYeah!

I then opened another box to find brand new Christmas items… I had slightly remembered having maybe bought some plates/napkins… but, the rest was out of my mind…

So now, I have a change for my table when things get to needing a washing… and my mind is wandering to who I will give some of the things I found in the Christmas box… maybe some of it will even be a gift  for someone who is going to have a birthday soon…

They will then be able to open a box and be…

Surprised… Surprised… Surprised! …



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