“Small Town Bliss”


I’m getting to take a short trip with my favorite guymy husband … and we’re going to visit my favorite cousin in Murfreesboro, TN

She’s invited us to stay with her and her husband… which I like so much better on short trips… where we can visit  more…

Going down on a Friday… then she and I are getting up really early to have some girl time…

We’re going to the Bell Buckle Craft Fair


 in Bell Buckle, Tennessee… located in middle Tennessee not far from where my cousin lives…

She has come up my way to what I call the Greatest Craft Fair in our area… Glendale, KY

… so I’m going to check out her Greatest Craft Fair in TN… We’ll compare notes     later , ha, ha!

I find it interesting that both are Railroad towns… They sound so similar… from parking in the grass… lining the streets… to all of the Specialty Craft items being sold…

It’s small town bliss! …and all of us outsiders are biting at the bit to view all that they have to offer…

I read there are some neat accommodations if you were wanting a place to stay… Like the “Blue Tin Roof Retreat”…

or the “Red Rooster Bed and Breakfast“…

Of course we will have a wonderful time!… just being together… We are of the same mind on looking, looking, looking… at all of the neat Fall and Christmas Holiday Items

… purchasing small gifts for that certain person… and we are so willing to try out the corn  … the grilled foods… the homemade candies  ,cookies  and jellies  

The perfumed homemade soaps enticing us to smell each scent… the whimsical wood creations   … the oh, so lovely… decorations

Oh, I’m getting excited just thinking about it!…

See you soon cousin!

4 thoughts on ““Small Town Bliss”

  1. Oh, this sounds so fun! I love fall, fairs, crafts (though I’m not really crafty!). Fun to look and just ramble around. And to do it with a kindred spirit, well, that’s the icing on the cake! Have a fun trip! ~ Sheila

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