Weekly Photo Challenge: “Foreign”

My desk with all of my blogging tools…”Computer”

These are some items I use daily now… and at one time were so “foreign” to me…

If you notice the camera photo and printer photo you can tell my “Phone” camera is still a little “foreign” to me… My “flash drive” that holds all of my photos… saving me so much of my space on my computer…

My Olympus Camera that I have actually rubbed the lettering off… just love it!

My printer and scanner… has made so many projects, photos, letters, cards, documents for me… scanning older photos to make them seem new… So glad it’s not “foreign” any more!

If you have really taken notice… you might see the computer screen on one of the photos has “Word Press” pulled up on the screen…

Word Press used to be “foreign” to me!… and now it will be two years that I have been blogging… oh, no!…another word that was “foreign” to me …

My fellow bloggers that follow my post and the ones that I follow back… used to be “foreign” to each other… and now my “blogging” friends seem closer than people I see every day…

My “foreign” experience into “blogosphere” has opened my eyes to so many different people , lands, customs and ideas… that would have remained “foreign”

Thanks Word Press!   glad you’re not“foreign” any more!

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Foreign”

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  3. I like this! Isn’t it funny how technology can be so daunting and intimidating at first, and then in a short time, you can’t imagine life without it?! I am so glad that I’ve had the experience of blogging and connecting with others…learning is always good, isn’t it? ~ Sheila

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