“Cornucopia Bread?”… Yes, I’ll Bring It Again!


I’ve made this neat cornucopia bread for quite a few years now… I don’t even know where I read the recipe

I looked up the directions… where you could have clearer instructions … Just in case you want to try it…

It isn’t that hard… Just don’t expect perfection Relax!… It will turn out!…

This year I couldn’t find bread stick dough … so I improvised with crescent dough

Just pressed it together in sheets… cut in strips… and rolled with fingers a little into longer strips…

The wrapping around the cone is the hardest part… but, just keep pressing dough together as you attach each piece…

The cone is filled with balls of loose foil to keep the shape…

Bread before baking…

Bread brushed with beaten egg…


Finished Baked Cornucopia…

They will be easy to remove along with the cone shape after bread cools… I Promise!

I cut up yellow squash, carrots, celery and cucumbers into sticks…

and add a few slices of tomato for color and some broccoli florets…green onions…green pepper… I put the raw veggies  into the opening of the cornucopia and on the plate surrounding  it … Add a pretty bowl or glass filled with your favorite dip

Makes a really nice appetizer as well as a pretty centerpiece for your guests to munch on before sitting down to Thanksgiving Dinner!…


1. Cut a heavy-duty piece of aluminum foil to 30 by 18 inches. Fold it in half to 18 by 15 inches, and roll it into a hollow cone shape about 18 inches long. The open end of the cone (cornucopia) should be about 5 inches in diameter.

2. Fasten the ends of the aluminum foil with clear tape. Fill the entire cone with crumpled up aluminum foil. Bend the tail of the cornucopia up, then down at the end.

3. Spray with cooking spray, and place the aluminum cone on a large baking sheet. Beat the egg and water to make the glaze for the bread cornucopia.

4. Open the can(s) of breadstick dough. Separate the breadsticks, and start by wrapping the first breadstick around the end of the cone.

5. Use the glaze as a glue. Brush the end of the next breadstick with glaze and overlap it with the first breadstick end pressing the two together. Wrap the second bread stick further up the cone slightly overlapping the first.

6. Repeat using all breadsticks. Brush each end with glaze, and press to the previous breadstick making sure there are no open spaces until the entire cone is covered. Leave 3 breadsticks to make a braid for the end.

7. Pinch the ends of the three breadsticks together. Braid them like hair. Glaze the opening of the cornucopia and press the braid around the end, stretching to make it fit the end.

8. Bake at 350 degrees F for 45 minutes until the bread is golden brown. If some areas start to get to dark, cover them with foil until the rest brown.

Tips & Warnings

  • Dough will be pretty slippery, so work quickly and get help if you can.
  • Fill the cornucopia with fresh fruits or vegetables.
  • Add a dip to the side, and don’t forget to eat the cornucopia too.

http://youtu.be/tc5-JeezRo8   Another way to make the foil cornucopia…

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