Magic Chili… A Time Saver!


It’s the Holiday Season … and everyone is rushing around shoppingCooking becomes a fast food burger, pizza or something else that is quick… and be gotten from a drive-thru

Here’s my simple… and I do mean simple… Chili Recipe… Sorry… not anything handed down from my Mom… Not something my husband has made for years…

Just a quick way to make a good chili… add a grilled cheese … and supper is done…


1-lb. ground beef… browned in a skillet with 1/3 chopped onion


1- can Bush’s Chili Magic- chili starter

1-can Chili Ready Tomatoes

A little salt/pepper to taste

(Spaghetti Optional) I make it and let my guys choose if they want it or not…

Ready as soon as all ingredients are combined and hot… Takes about 20-25 minutes…

and it taste good!

ENJOY your Holidays!

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