“Affectionate” Compliments

I have received a few Blogger Awards since I started writing on January 1, 2011… and felt compelled to say Thank You fellow bloggers for these nice compliments…


 noun \ˈkäm-plə-mənt\
 Definition of COMPLIMENT
a: an expression of esteem, respect, affection, or admiration; especially: an admiring remark


b: formal and respectful recognition : honor

I think I like the term “affection” the best… I hope I have given you  a little joy to your life… by reading my various blogs…
I know YOU have made my life seem more complete… I so enjoy your words…whether expressing your daily life…your poems…your haikus…your thoughts…your recipes…What a beautiful gambit of wonderful people with such inspiring feelings on so many subjects…
The Super Sweet Blogger Award was given to me twice in one week… by terry1954 and ahecticlife…
Thanks, you all… as we say in Kentucky
I am to answer these questions:
1. Favorite Cookies or Cake?…Homemade Cookies
2. Chocolate or Vanilla?…Chocolate immediately pops into my mind…but, a few Vanilla treats are sooo good!
3. Favorite Sweet Treat?…Something “fruity”…
4. Crave sweet things the most… when?…After I eat most any meal… a bite of sweet is grand!…Think I got that from my Mom…
5. Sweet nickname?… I have to say I have a few…Sugar Plum, Sweet Thing, Rosebud… Should I go on?… Sickening isn’t it???
I will pass this Award onto a few new bloggers I have been following…
Dianne Faw
Light Words
J.Keller Ford
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