Microwave Snowmen???

I just love these little guys… or gals… depending on how you want to describe them… some with bows…some not


I got this idea from orientaltrading.com/freefunsite-logo_228x112

I used to order from them for the after school programs I worked at… and way before that… just for my own kids… They have lots of party accessories and craft projects… and so reasonably priced…

I have lots… of nieces/nephews… great-niece/great-nephews… so I needed something fun, cheap and useable… In this case… eatable!… for a little Christmas hand-out

All you need is a printer… to print the paper Snowman cover… that you wrap around a bag of microwave popcorn



It even has a greeting for TO: and FROM:… that says, “Popping by to wish you Happy Holidays”… Now isn’t that the neatest!…

The face of the Snowman is the cutest with his carrot nose and pink cheeks


They suggested you use “Magic Gloves”2-Gloves-FINAL  for their toboggan… Which is a great idea… An extra little gift… but, I’m on a budget and have to do my own thing…

So I found these wonderful hand-knitted socks at the thrift store… Brand new… One pair making 6 toboggans for my little friends… Just cut them into 3rds… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA pull over the top of the bag after taping face around bag… fold up bottom to make hat…


The toe becomes a toboggan automatically… and the others I tied with a piece of curly ribbon to make a tassel top… A piece of ribbon… curled a little…  becomes a scarf… and they are done!… I made 16 this morning in no time!…


The cost was so minimal!

Paper…ink…printer…already had!… No cost! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Socks $1.45 per pair with my 25% discount on certain days… cost= $3.26 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2 boxes of microwave popcorn… $2.00 per box of 8 packages= $4.00 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Had leftover ribbon from wrapping presents… and of course scotch tape… so NO cost there!

So my 16 little gifts cost 45 cents each… Not too shabby!… and they are adorable!…

I think they will like them!

8 thoughts on “Microwave Snowmen???

  1. This is the cutest idea and I just love it!!! I’m a huge snowman fan any ways. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next year!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Happy Crafting,


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