SIMPLE is My Word for the Year!


k11114356   January 1, 2013

It has been two years since my first Bloggww26209691

Not a really long time… but, a time that has given me much

It has given me a place to sit and recollect


a place to calm myself


a place to make new friends


a place to express myself


a place to show others what I can do


a place to show the kind of person I am


My desires are pretty SIMPLE

A fellow blogger…”Grace and Space” … Shelia … mentioned in her blog today the site…

It’s a site that states… Pick one word to be your guidance in the New Year

Not a bunch of Resolutions that seem to go by the wayside… that you regret the moment the year starts… but, pick a word that you can maintainlive up to… use as a guide to all of your hopes and desires


So my single word is “SIMPLE”…


Simple to me means…  k10272649

Be myself…

Keep things in perspective…

Do with what God has seen fit to give me…

Use my talents…

Use my mind…

Take care of my body…

Love long and hard…

Try to see as much as I can in this world… even if it means around the corner from where I live…


meet and greet people with a smile… and bestow on them a little joy…

Be happy with the simple pleasures of family…friends…

This should just come naturally… like breathing…



Don’t Make It Complicated!

11 thoughts on “SIMPLE is My Word for the Year!

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  2. So glad you found this idea useful! It really appealed to me, obviously! I’ve struggled to decide what I wanted to choose for my one word…I think it is momentum…Still working on it! Glad you found yours right away! ~ Sheila

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