“I Can’t Remember!”


I had to push myself a little today… to  go to my water aerobics class at the YMCA


YES!… I know all of the reasons I should… and I really do like it… but, getting back in the groove is a little hard…

Hours had been changed…k10754075 and the holidays had cut into my exercise time

I do know routine is good for me… probably for everyone… if we would admit it!…

So I went… Aren’t you proud of me???… I’m proud of myself…k10169074

Then, when I got home my son and I hit the Thrift Store… He buys to collect and sell on Ebay3625v1-max-150x150and I just love to browse… If I find something I need or can use… I feel fortunate


Next stop… Target… target-bullseyeMy kids kiddingly call it Target‘ to this day .. and they’re grown!

I’m having BUNCO at my house next week… and needed to buy the prizes… A $20.00 , $10.00, $8.00, and 2-$1.00 gifts…


I found first ($20.00)… Actually it was on sale for $14.98… marked half off from $29.99GOOD DEAL!… I’ll have to add something for $5.00 or just put a $5.00 bill in it… A very cute purse!… I also had several other things that I just needed…

I paid for the purse separately… so if the person who wins it… doesn’t like it or need it… they can return it with no problem!…


Navy suede-like material with brown leather trim… short or long strap…

Well, that’s when my problem started… k9543487

I went to use my debit card k10013491and I went blank!… I mean… I couldn’t remember my PIN # for anything!… The more I tried the worse it got evidently… So, I charged the purse instead of running it as a debit.. .and it went through fine

I tried again to remember my PIN # k3094876when the clerk ran up my other purchases… and still no success… and this time… since I had tried so many times… my credit union wouldn’t even let me charge it… I know this is for my safety…but, do you know how frustrated I was!… I leave with only the BUNCO prize… apologizing to the clerk and feeling about as small as a mousek2642463

I got home and just flopped down and told my husband my predicamentk3145675 He was no help… Hadn’t a clue what my # was either!… So… I will try again tomorrow and see if the # comes to me… or go get a new PIN # at the credit union…k2489558

I feel so utterly “stupid”!… Have any of you ever had this happen???… k1247409I hope I hear YES!


7 thoughts on ““I Can’t Remember!”

  1. Oh gosh YES! I have mine written down in my purse in case I forget….. like in the lining of the purse…..
    Good for you for getting back to water aerobics. My class starts next week again.. had to sit out 6 weeks after my knee surgery so I am anxious to get back. Its going to be hard though when the temperature is in the teens. brrrrr

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