Weekly Photo Challenge: UNIQUE

My family says I find the most “unique” things and I seem to make them work in my house…

They are always asking, “What have you added (found) new?”

and then they add…”You put things that you”like” in your home”

and the answer is “yes”! …

They make me feel good… happy… and that’s a great thing to be!


The cutest “unique” little Giraffe Dish… To me he was just irresistable!


This is a “unique” ceramic covered dish in black/gold…

that accents my living room…

It’s in the shape of a little house with a chimney… The roof is the lid


We’re redoing my little half bath in a French look… Cute Paris theme…

so when I saw this “Unique” little ceramic pink poodle that could hold toothbrushes or even  makeup… it was mine…


These aren’t just the sweetest little girl ceramic figurines

They are “unique” in that they are votive candle holders

Great in my bigger bathroom

which is full of color and flowers…  


This little “unique” vase that has the shape of green stems

is ideal for the flowers I love to pick from my yard…

Since it’s been cold… I put a few of the flowers my husband bought me for my birthday


This cute… “unique” little wood bird with the metal corrugated wings and beaded wind chimes… has been hanging somewhere in my house for a long time…

Right now in my kitchen along with some of my blue/white plates that I just love…


I love cats… as you have probably picked up from reading my posts

This is not… the famous Jill… who I can’t help photographing…

but, is “unique” in its own way…

It is a hook for my little metal birdcage with a porcelain bird sitting in it…


lMy last “unique” item is a nightlight I found with pretty red cherries decorating it…

I used to have my kitchen decorated in cherries… so I still love them…

It lights up my kitchen at night …

just enough… to let me find my way to the fridge… Ha, Ha!

As you can see… I could go on and on… but, enough is enough…

or maybe you won’t find this blog so “unique”..

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: UNIQUE

  1. You find the cutest stuff and it always looks so cute in your home. You always did have a wonderful knack for decorating!!!

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  8. I understand your passion for unique stuff! I love yard sales, antique markets, and decorating magazines. Filling our homes with things we love will bring joy and peace into our lives.

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