It’s A Go!

I saw this idea on… Pillows A-La-Mode… It had been done by her daughter-in-law

I just loved it!…

and immediately knew I would be making one for my daughter-in-law

You see… my son and her have bought a new home… and I thought it would make a great house warming gift plus birthday presentu15530543

They moved in today and her Birthday is Sunday…

I looked for a star to make it with and was about to order one off of the internet when this metal one was found marked down at a dollar store… It was quite nice… the size I wanted… 14″ X 14″… also had a Welcome Sign ( 10″ long) at the bottom… hung with small chains…


This was going to work perfectly!


No matter what color or design on it… because it would be covered with lots of photos

I went through all of my photos deciding on which ones would be good for this project…

I included of course the 3 kids… “Mom and Dad”… Uncle Doug… my daughter-in-law’s parents… Wickett, their puppy and both my husband and I…

This is who our “Little Family” consist of…

I printed out the photos on white paper…

It was to be a collage of photos of our family decoupaged with Mod Podge… a type of craft glue that adheres so well and also coats and makes the surface glisten…


After cutting and taping the 100+ photos to the star on all points… I glued them and coated them with the glue… Yes, it took a little time… but, oh so worth it!…


One point of the star designated for each Grandchild of mine… and the rest scattered photos of the rest of us…


This glue is some marvelous stuff… I hadn’t tried this technique for many years… but, my heads a spinnin‘ about other things to cover…

I love it!… and usually I’m my own worst critic


Even, my other son and husband gave me kudos for this project… and if they give their approval… I usually say, “It’s a go!”


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