Valentine Chocolates

k12275228There are many kinds of gifts given on Valentine’s Day

Jewelery… k8363902




and yes, it seems more for women than men…

Over the years I have received all of the above

and now Gift-Cards are considered pretty nice… and a dinner out


My Dad always bought us Valentine Candy…

Mom got the bigger… prettier… heart-shaped box of chocolates


and my sister and I got a smaller versionx19299978 x19299978

I remember savoring each bite… and I could keep my candy for several days… maybe weeks… as I would take little bites at a time… and if any had nuts in them… They were given away…

I now love nuts… but, I had a loose tooth when I was young… and hated the thought of biting down on a nut and a tooth falling out… k10703732

I know… go figure!

Let’s get back to Mom’s box of candy OHL0007 … She was worse than me about keeping it for a long time…

We would have eaten all of ours and be thinking about hers sitting on the buffet in the dining room…

So tempting!…

But, you knew not to take any… It was her gift from Daddy…

Of course she would let us have some… She just liked to see us almost begging with our eyes… I believe she got a kick out of it!…

When we were finally told we could get a piece

We would find where several pieces had been pinched… a slight indention… where my Mom would have to see what was insideu22316014

We commented on this… only for our Dad to say, “It’s her candy… and if she wants to pinch every one of them she can!”…

Do you think that kept us from eating piece after piece out of her pretty Valentine Box???… Of course not!…

When the box was finally empty… she would let me have it… I thought it was just beautiful… and would keep my crayons, pencils or something that I felt was a treasure in it for a very long time…

I knew there would be a new one next year…


Like clock-work… on February 14th   Daddy would bring in those boxes of heart-shaped candies OHL0007 x19299978 x19299978 just for us!

4 thoughts on “Valentine Chocolates

  1. Lol – this took me back to my own childhood – ditto on the smaller box of chocolate from Dad and then “sharing” some out of my Mom’s box – thanks for the good memories!

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