Daily Prompt: All About Me/The Daily Post

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.


My blog title comes from my initialsx10661944

Marilyn Kay Griffin

M= Memories

K= Keepsakes

G= Gifts

These are things that represent me and my passions


I first used this on my invoices when I was doing some painting jobs for a couple of Public Schools… and also for individuals in their homes…

I painted the first and second floor hallways for an Elementary School… depicting school scenes/activities… with children…

and also many areas of the Middle School I worked at… The court-yard outside… and many areas throughout the schoollibrary… hallways… fish tank base…etc. …


When I decided to start a blog when I retired… I felt the name I already had was  a great fit


Memories of childhood and events in my life…


Keepsakes I talk about given to me by some very special people… and items I’ve collected that I cherish for their uniqueness…

u11156026                 Antiqu_C

Gifts that I make for people … gifts I have received… gifts that I make special when wrapping…

k12266513  k5372053

So you see… This is me!… a hint of what I like to do and who I am…

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: All About Me/The Daily Post

  1. What a great story for your blog’s name! I love it when names have a bigger meaning than the obvious words. And how fun that you had already used this earlier in your life…makes it richer and richer! ~ Sheila

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