“The Treasure Candle”…

I found this unique candle at my favorite Thrift Store


Sometimes I see things as little gifts to give to someone… since it was wrapped and brand new… but, I have decided I need a treasure sometime… so I’m going to keep this… and follow the directions placed with it…

It is called a “Treasure Candle”…

This is “The Fable of the Treasure Candle”… rolled up like a tiny scroll


Once upon a time, in a distant land, there lived a fair Princess k9912365who was in love with a brave young Knight. But, alas, the Knight k12693601was imprisoned by a most evil king.

After longing for her beloved for many a month, the Princess conceived a clever plan. She traveled to a mystical kingdom deep within the earth where she gathered crystals and stones k6128414k6430353with magical powers.

Upon returning home, she made a candle k5414868 in which she concealed the treasures. Then she arranged to have it delivered to her lover in his cold dark dungeon.

The sad and disheartened Knight welcomed the gift of light and immediately burned his candle k11167962 , unaware of its special powers. When the crystal revealed itself, a rainbow appeared from within k13027651 . A wave of joy and love swept through him as he realized the special nature of the gift.

At that moment, the crystal in the candle the princess was burning, also shimmered with a rainbow k4425640 . Then, lo and behold, the two tiny rainbows soared out into the heavens and became one. The power of their love was so great that they were drawn into the rainbow’s arc where neither prison walls nor evil kings could ever keep them apart.


Within this candle that I am the beholder of now… I will find a crystal and other gifts of the Earth, each with their own special power.


I have decided that what better day to burn this candle… So, I have lit it… and will give you an update later when what is discovered within


This is how to make a BUTTER CANDLE…


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