Making Chocolate Bunnies…

Whatever Holiday comes… I look for something new to make… a new dessert… a new decoration k12812912 … a new card to send… a unique gift…

I found this Easter Bunny Mold sometime last summer at the thrift store… There was only one… but, I knew from making candies in our little Bake Shop at school that the candies would set up pretty quick when put in the freezer… and should pop right out with a little twist of the mold…


Well, I was right!… I only bought one bag of the candy chips that were microwavable… They melted quickly… In about an hour I had 24 cute chocolate bunnies…


I figured if they did as good as I thought… I might buy some more candy chips… Maybe yellowMNM6170_small or pinkMNM6160_medium time permitting…



I want to have them for Easter k5698517 to put in my candy dishes or I might just bag for favors for each place setting on the table k5584930 …

I am having dinner  k5583491… for my son/daughter-in-law, her parents, grandkids, my other son and us…

I think they turned out so cute!

6 thoughts on “Making Chocolate Bunnies…

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