Daily Prompt: Cliché

Clichés become clichés for a reason. Tell us about the last time a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush for you.

If anyone lived by this “cliché “ … it’s me!…


I believe I got this from my Dad

He always felt that keeping what you have is so much more important than using it unwisely

This probably came from the depression era… when he owned a wallpaper store k5660825and all of his savings and business were lost…

It took him a long time to trust banks k12370604 for this reason with his money… He would rather stash it in a secret hiding place sca0435 than earn what little interest they offered…

Starting over is so hard…

I don’t mind working hard… but, in doing so… I want to use what I’ve earned in the best way I can…

I can stretch a dollar pretty far!…k4197639

I don’t like taking chances… like playing the lottery… doing scratch tickets which is so popular… or wasting on frivolous funk11843414

I would rather get something I need… to make my life more comfortable… like a new couch over a short excursion

I know I will have the couch for a long time k1744005… but, the excursion will give me a few memories for a few days and will probably make me feel worse for spending the money…

That’s just me!… but, being married changes that…You have to consider the other person’s wants/desires…and so… even though it’s tough… going against everything I think is the right thing to do… I will consent… and give in to their wishes x18503911 ...

I’ve been told …”You won’t get ahead… if you don’t take chances!”

“How do you know it will turn out like you think… unless you try!”

and yes!…I’ve seen success with people who do this…k6237825 u15082881

But, inside of meinstilled deeply… is this saying…


“A bird in the hand… is worth more than two in the bush!”

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Cliché

  1. Ok, my two cents here — always choose the experience over the possession. The experience will warm you years later when you want a smile, you can review the sunset, meals, strolls, conversations, and unlike a couch it will be with you forever. We need more experiences. GO FOR IT! Pack the ‘bird in your hand’ in your bag and go, go, go!

    And when you do go – share your words, thoughts and photos with us!

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