Heart of Tears…

I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks…cfr0017

I have already talked to my sister… and laughed…


I have already talked to my son… and felt love…k10285225

I have already texted a daughter-in-law and was told… “I love you”… PAA140000084

I have already fixed coffee and said, “good morning”… to my husband… and he is now doing dishes as I blog my heart away…k9425024

I have read some posts from my blogging friends and received such kind wordsk2224797

I go over in my mind a conversation with a cousin last night… and I smile… dougla0138s

My heart is full it seems…k5310651

Is that why I cry???cfr0017

Thank you Jesus! k8276347


10 thoughts on “Heart of Tears…

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  2. I love this post as I have also been filled with tears, felt love from family and am lucky enough to have a very good man beside me. Just to let you know (things I can’t put on my own blog) that baby B is marginally better. She has a bleed in her brain which is being monitored. She is on a ventilator but the bleed shadow has not grown and they are beginning to think that she may not need an operation but that the bleed might just dissipate by itself.

    Thank you again for your kindness and for listening. :)

  3. I get teary as often from a grateful heart as I do from sadness. Sounds like we are built much the same way! And you are so fortunate to have so many people in your life who love you and express that love. Thanks for sharing, I think I know just how you feel! ~ Sheila

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