“Special” Events at Derby Time

It’s that time of year again here in Louisville…This was a blog of mine from 2011…but, describes our events…that we have every year here in Louisville…

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This time of year in Louisville , we have so many eventssurrounding the upcoming Kentucky Derby…well, it’s hard to keep up with all of them…We have a Hot Air Balloon Race, which was actually this morning…A hare balloon sets out and the others follow in pursuit to drop their bag of Kentucky Bluegrass Seed nearest the spot designated…With the “Glimmer” and “Balloon Glow” several nights ahead of the actual race…it is a beautiful sight…The Pegasus Festival Paradewith all it’s floats decorated with a theme that has been chosen…going down Broadway, a main street in downtown Louisville…is a real treat for kids of all ages…The Great BedRace…actual beds made by company workers on wheels… pushed, pulled and ridden on…to win the honors for the company they work for…so funny…so unique…The Run for the Rose’…wine that is…A tray of 6 wine filled glasses held by waiters or…

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