Habitual Habits!

I have over 300 emails in my mailboxk1995350

Have you ever heard of such a thing?…

Just because my computer k8394947was down for a week

So… if I answer an old post with a commentk10921636 … forgive me… but, know… that I think all of your writings are so good k1114097… that I’ve saved them… and I’m still reading!

It’s been a pretty hectic week… so I feel quite out of sorts

My routine… which is not as routine as it used to be…

has not been good…

Surgery for my daughter-in-law… sfo0844thankfully she’s fine

Had my Grandkids more than usual… picking them up from school… u11148993

Not a problem at all… I love them so and we have such fun…

But, I am tired…k0042854

Trying to get back in my “routine” of water aerobics x10784073… Seems to have been hit and miss… since my YMCA partner’s son has had heart surgeryk5370502 …

The water makes me feel so much better physically and mentally…

I’m not complaining… but, I see that even when you retire… you get in a routine of sorts… and I have grown to love my habitual habits… moving at a slower pacek10234861 … doing what I want…

when I want…

how I want…

where I want…

Come back routine!kch0139


2 thoughts on “Habitual Habits!

  1. having 300 emails would do me in…i recently changed my email status by having only comment blog email delivered and cancelled the Liked emails. now i get manageable amount of email per day. whew, that took a load off my day! i wish you the best…i would say, time for a coffee break. ha ahhahha :)

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