Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller

You receive a call from an unexpected person. Who is it, and what is the conversation about? Go!

Unexpected caller075d3923

It’s usually a Holiday…. Christmas… Easter… Thanksgiving… etc. …

This young lady used to be a cousin by marriage

She loved my Mom and Dad

After my Dad passed… she would call my Mom on every Holiday… to wish her well…

My Mom was so happy to hear from her…

It was such a treat!…k11011359

They reminisced about my Dad… and exchange news briefly in each other’s lives…

Not… a long conversation… just a “keep-in-touch” phone call…

Linda would say she had a list of names k12930689that she called … and Mom was a priority

I loved her for that!…

This went on for many years until Mom passed… at 98 years…

Linda said she just loved them… “my parents”…

It seems that they showed her love and care

Linda said her list was growing short… so I suggested she add some new names… and I would love it if one of them could be mesca0386

So… now… unexpectedly unknowing… the phone rings… and I’m blessedk0982803 by a sweet voice on the other end… saying, “Just thought I would say hi… and see how you and yours are doing”… k11313815

We exchange a few words update our livesx30104644

Her… about her husband and their son/family…

and me, about my husband, kids, grandkids and others that she knew from the family…k11519603

Our last exchange was about a month ago… and I’ve promised to meet them at one of the last drive-in theatres k6791251 that is still in use in Georgetown, Indiana

I can’t wait!

Do I hear the phone ringing???k0438485

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