My Sunday Gratefuls… April 21, 2013

I think I’m going to start a Sunday “Gratefuls” Post each Sunday Morning…


Today I planted  k5807700  some seeds in concrete flower pots that my Mom gave me when we moved in our first home

They are 42 years old


I paint them white… almost every summerk5432144

They have moved from porch to porch and now reside on my back steps as we go into our back door… and onto our deck

I love to watch seeds mature and grow k3540538 … so every spring a few packets will be sowed somewhere…


Today it’s California Poppy k13567126 and Marigoldk12073994 … I love the Marigolds because of the easiness to grow… and the Pretty Orange Poppy seemed to coordinate with the colors of them…

Now to watch them grow and track their progress…

My “grateful” being for the most wonderful Mom who taught me so much…

She bestowed in me a grateful heartk9562459 … and the love of beautiful flowers


3 thoughts on “My Sunday Gratefuls… April 21, 2013

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