Celebrating a Loved One!… Happy Birthday JoNell

A spur of the moment Birthday Celebration brought joy to my heart this evening…

My niece called and says, “We are going over to the cemetery to celebrate Mom’s birthday… k0060188

do you want to go?”…

I immediately said, “Yes!”… I’ll meet you there”…

I quickly called my sister to ask if she was able to go…

Her husband is quite ill… so it’s hard for her to make sudden decisions

He was having a good day… and she met me at my house in minutes…

I got together some silk flowers I had recently bought… and threw in a couple of chairs

Now, you would have to know that our sister that passed 5 years ago would just love this!… This was to be her celebration… she would have been 80 years old


Her two daughters, a granddaughter and her two little ones, her son-in-law, a girlfriend of her daughter’s son, one of my sons, my sister and myself…

Not bad for a short notice party …

We met at the cemetery where the pink dogwoods were blooming, the geese k0110456 were everywhere, the air was just a little cool and the sun was shining bright


My niece had brought cupcakes that she knew her Mom would have loved… The sweeter the better… shades of pale green, pink and yellow… k3160584

We placed the flowers I had brought along with my nieces… in the holder on the wall… commenting how we think alike in the colors chosen…


Reading the dates on her marker seemed a little eery… Could it have been 5 years already?…

We sat and talked…  a few tears fell… but, mostly laughter… hugs and kisses

We wandered around the beautiful landscaped lawns

noticing the beautiful flowered treesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My sister in blue… and two nieces…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA JoNell’s Great Grandchildren

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Two loving little boys…

My heart broke as the oldest one went over to the plaque/flowers and kissed it…

not realizing we were watching… Pure love

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My oldest son and nephew…

I took a few photos… and felt the love that was emanating from my sister’s family that loved her so much…

She seemed to be there listening to the memories and enjoying the small talk… We recalling her wonderful laugh… and quick wit to always have a joke or tale to tell…

With the sun going downOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we said our good bye’s and felt a peaceLove had been shown today… and it was good!


7 thoughts on “Celebrating a Loved One!… Happy Birthday JoNell

  1. That was a very beautiful post that has me in tears. What a perfectly lovely thing to do so that you all celebrate and shed a few tears together. There’s nothing like family.

    Just to tell you too – we just had a text to say that Bluebell is on her way home! Only you know her name and will realise why my post today has a bluebell as the first beautiful thing! :)

  2. Just did this when I was visiting my mom last week. Went to the cemetery to see my dad’s grave, and also my grandparents and other family buried there. Always a meaningful time to me. But my mom says they don’t live there, and of course I believe that too. They live in our hearts, and above us! ~ Sheila

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