Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

Why do you blog?

Really… the question is directed to me… so…

Why do I blog?

I started blogging k6584220after viewing a friend’s blog and just enjoyed her thoughts on many subjects…

I learned more about her by reading than I ever did actually talking face to face with  her…

Isn’t that a shame!…

It seems we are way more truthful when we blog… It just flows from our fingertipsx10900469

I also had retiredWhat to do with some of my time?…

I had been wanting to write about my adventures while working with Special Education students for 30+ years…


There were adventures to tell…pgi0201

There were funny incidences to tell…

There were personalities to share…k10454203

There were sad stories


There were humorous stories

There were heartachesk12483651

There was loveu10961440

There were teaching momentsk0337539

There were learning moments


It was pure joy!…

It seemed to have a lot of details that could capture an audience

So, I wrote for a year combining tales of mine with tales from my “Special Kids”…

It was amazing!…

I now write to express myself


I enjoy “Other’s writings” also…

It makes me thinkk11242244

It has given me friendsk9896399

It keeps my mind busy…k12351686

It keeps me up on world news


It keeps me up on happenings that I’ll never encounter

It makes me more aware of people and the different facets of others lives…k0248957k0248957k0248957

It gives me contentmentcfr0252

It makes me proudk6050565

I belong to a special “community” now…k7481127

I like the way others have accepted me … even has raised my self-esteem… I’ve received a clearer picture of who I actually am…k10359530

and it doesn’t seem too bad!

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

  1. This was a fun post to read. I first found your blog when you were doing the combined posts about yourself and your special kids. I thought the small graphics you sprinkled through the text were so fun, and that’s still a great addition to your writing…just makes it fresh and different. You find so many great graphics!

    Like you, I find that blogging has helped me define and refine my thoughts, and has connected me to a community of writers and readers…very diverse, and very interesting. And I learn so much from reading fellow bloggers’ posts. A good way to enlarge my world, from the comfort of my own sofa! ~ Sheila

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