I Did It!… and You Probably Never Noticed!

I had to do it!…

I had over 400 of them… just sitting there in front of me…


Every time I opened up my email… they sat there overwhelming me

How did this happen???

I can only imagine it was when my computer was down k8394947 for a week…

But, as hard as I tried the number would just keep growing… So, since I’ve been up since 5:30am… I decided to take the big leapsca0372

Sorry to say… I hit the delete button on about 380 emails…


My reasoning being… I would just have to start over

Reading updated mail from all my friends… and quit crying (contemplating) over spilt milk COW_21C… The spilt milk being old news k6302606 … old blogs… and all of the prompts I’ll never be able to write…

I am beginning fresh!…

and hope to never again get behind like I did…

I’m sure you never noticed that I had not made a commentk1490127 k4693899 … had not hit that “like” buttonk11941337

but, being a loyal follower of my Blog Friendsk11940123… I had been slowly getting myself in a frenzy k12241691 trying to read and answer

A new day k4132525 … and a clean slate k5189494

                                                                   How refreshing!

5 thoughts on “I Did It!… and You Probably Never Noticed!

  1. Been there. I have two email addresses, one for internet, one for personal. The internet one is hardly ever looked at, and stuff is deleted weekly. The personal one, I only give to family and close friends, and I have a difficult time deleting anything, even old stuff. It’s amazing how often I’ve needed something from past emails.

    I do love fresh starts!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve only been with L and Bluebell for 5 days but I haven’t had a minute to like, reply to comments etc and that puts me in a frenzy too! I think I shall just have to emulate your very good example! :)

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