New Award… “Best Moment”


Best Moment Award | My Daily Prompt Blog

I was given this lovely Award by Nina…(see above)…

and I thank you … k2882099

As much as I love Awards x18460721… I find it hard to do all that is required at times to accept…

so, I’ll begin with an acceptance speech… bon0797

I come here with a humble heart k5278665 … I so like that YOU have chosen ME to give this unique Award…

It makes me feel proud  k10169074 that I have in some way touched a place in you with my writings…

Be it…

a feeling of hope… k0969513

a memory stirred… k11242244

an inspiration to try new things… sca0392

a blessing when you were feeling low… k5931949

a happy feeling that made you just laugh out loud…


Just so you were entertained for a few short moments…

would bless my heart…

I thank you…

and I in turn pass this on to all who follow my blogging efforts

I so appreciate all of you…

Feel free!

2 thoughts on “New Award… “Best Moment”

  1. What a fun way to acknowledge an award! I appreciate the ones I’ve received from fellow bloggers, but like you, find it hard to fill the requirements…great approach! And well deserved! ~ Sheila

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