Painting for Fun!

Last Thursday Night my daughter-in-law and I went to a painting classk0338309

Painting classes have become very popular in Louisville in the last year…

Some classes are held in restaurants… some at their own business sites

They might serve wine cheeses/fruitcrackerssfo0818

maybe cupcakes for kidsk6245566

I’ve been to three…. so far…

I love to paint!… but, having never had professional training…  I dare not say that I’m a true painter

I have painted murals on walls at several schools… wall murals in people’s homes… and just for my own pleasure… to sell at craft bazaars

I guess you can say I’m self-taught… and have God-given talent

Some find my work quite good

This painting class was not far from where I live…

Koch’s emailbanner

They do framingk2983089 … display and sell art of different artists… and have painting classes for all ages… Parties may be on their agenda as well as the pre-set classes for any age…

They were painting an interpretation of the Louisville skyline for a booth they were setting up for a fair… “Louisville Independent Business Alliance” …when we were there…


Painting still wet …


Painting at the fair with our Louisville Mayor… that weekend…

There are many designs to choose from on their monthly calendar


My daughter-in-law chose the artwork we were to paint… I wanted to treat her… since she was excited about the fact that she would be painting something she could actually hang in her new home

It was called “Magical Tree”… I called it “whimsical”… and it was fun to do…


You could follow along and do just as taught… or change it up a bit to make it your own

Melanie chose bright colors… so fun!… 130509_001

and I went with a more subdued coloring to fit with my decor130509_002310051_478260112253576_233174985_n

This photo was posted on their Facebook Page… how neat!


The swirly lines for tree branches were so fun to make…

and leaves were just depicted by dots…

Melanie has already hung hers and mine is still sitting there… waiting for me to decide on an appropriate place… or I might even give as a gift k7390209

I am going to another class next Wednesday… with a friend from the YMCA… She chose the subject also… as this was new to her…


Looks like fun to me!

Some day I will pick a subject… but, for now… I’m enjoying seeing my friends paint who never thought they could…

I knew they would love it!…

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