Watch Out!…You Might Get a Reputation!

I get up later than usual…ski0076

That’s probably a good thing… We’ve been pretty sick with sinus infectionupper respiratory… etc. … Sick_Day

So… I think we could finally breathe no coughing… or sneezing

Sleepwonderful sleep… u16429660

I fix my coffee as usualapl0045Love that first cup… Won’t drink any after that… but, it jump starts me for sure…

Jill, my cat… and I decide the air was warm enough for us to sit on the front porch… and just take in the scents k13172356 sounds… and what little activity is going on…

My eyes immediately took in that the squirrels had dug holes in both my pots of flowers I had just planted this past week… I’m not sure what they took… but, the dirt was scattered and holes were dug deep in both pots…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dirt scattered!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  See that bare spot!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Both pots looked just the same!

Mmmm… hate that!… and the culprits seemed to be hiding out… like they knew I was looking for them…k5433051

Jill finally spotted one… and went it’s way… of course to no availOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

They are quite sneaky and quick…

Jill proceeds to eat a little grass… and I sip my coffee… u11487283

We finally meander to the back… I love these quiet mornings


Then I notice my first Rose bud…  that I had anticipated opening… was gone… Like something had just nipped it off with a pair of scissors


Those pesky squirrels at work here too???… or was an aggressive bug of some kind… another Mmmm moment!…k10618616

My only salvageable moment  was that my Iris had finally bloomed… and it was intact


My little neighbor and her grandson… are coming back from a walk to Walmart… to get prescriptions filled… So I unlock our gate and let them take a short cut to their house…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

they have had the “crud” too… as I call it!…

She tells me that her purple Iris has bloomed k4857255… We had planted them at the same time two years ago…

We go our separate ways… with “feel betters” Me.. looking for that hairy varmint with the bushy tailk7896149

He will be blamed for anything that happens in my yard now…

He has gotten himself a “reputation!”…k13797931

7 thoughts on “Watch Out!…You Might Get a Reputation!

  1. I love the way you do the post with the beautiful little cliparts and pictures. I do love squirrels but they can dig up things. We got some around too here. The urban foxes are worse though. Glad you are feeing better!

  2. Good Morning Marilyn,

    Gee, you all too with the Upper Respiratory Infection and sniffling. Harris and I have had this since we returned home from our trip. It seems nothing touches this junk. We’re both tired of feeling tired and sick. I personally call it the Ohio Valley Crud.. YUCK!!! On a positive note, I loved your story about the squirrels. Our yard is full of them and I’ve even named several of them. They come right up to my porch because I feed them peanuts. We also have raccoons and on occasions turkey buzzards which I’m not thrilled about. I especially can’t stand the turkey buzzards. They are down right scary!! Well dear friend, continue to feel better and enjoy your weekend!!!


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