1935-1939 – Pictures of the United States

1935-1939 – Pictures of the United States


AND WE THINK WE’VE GOT IT BAD! This was a mere 72 years ago…. Makes complaining about no cell service k10170208 , high gasoline prices cfr0201 , not enough cable channels k7403568 , seem a bit ludicrous. 

No credit cards k10089287 to buy what you want, but don’t need! If you don’t know what the Great Depression was, here’s the motto: 

“Use it up — wear it out”, make it do or do without!

This reminds me to be grateful k9703365 for what I do have….. Start each day with a smile and a prayer… k0266791

Emailed to me…

It seems we… as the people here in the United States TSF000109 … have many things on our minds…

Looking back…

Looking at the present…

and Looking toward the future…

We can learn from all!… mkg

image005 image003 image004 image001 image011 image010 image012 image013 image017 image016 image015 image002 image006 image014 image018 image009 image007 image008

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