Middle School!… Here I Come!

My youngest Granddaughter is moving on up to Middle School

Where has the time gone…bwo0021

She is such a joy!…

I always say, “She makes me smile!”… yun0006

full of energy…

loves sports… u13441388

has many friends… 130517_015

smart… k7018160

and that smile and mischievous grin gets us all… 130517_010

Talking so fast… I have to slow her down at times…

So, yesterday she had “Her Day”…

Mom, Dad, “Paps” (her other grandfather), Uncle Doug and Bobby (Poppy) and I … came to sit in those unbearable bleachers just for her!… k8170836

The gym was crowded with parents, grandparents, brothers/sisters and friends to wish them well in their next stepMiddle School


Kennedy accepting her certificate…

Being that I worked in a Middle School for such a long time… I know these will be stressful years at times… happy years at times… and personalities will appear that you never knew existed…

The program consisted of a talk from one of the Principals of a Middle Schoolsongs were sung about moving on to new adventures


and the receiving of an Award of Completion of Elementary Years…


A video on a big screen depicting all of the graduates… pretty neat!


Long enough… and with a DJ and a party being planned k7554116 … We took photos and expressed our congratulations! k10548896

and waved good-bye…



Her smile lets us know she was glad we came…

Red Rosesu15353311 , an Autograph Dog 130517_002 , cards with money… k13956203

and many hugs…

“Good Luck Kennedy… Enjoy these wonderful years!”

Love, Grandma 


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