Daily Prompt: Memories For Sale

On a weekend road trip, far away from home, you stumble upon a garage sale in a neighborhood you’re passing through. Astonished, you find an object among the belongings for sale that you recognize. Tell us about it.

Photographers, share an image that says MEMORY.

We were headed for Georgiak1896130 logo_georgia

… My husband was born there…

We had been many times… but, this time we were not going to rush!… we were going to take our time


We were going to see all of those places we say we are going to see “some day”…

and stop whenever an interesting place poped up…

Quaint places to eat .k12262401.. trying new things… I was up for shoppping a little…

I love thrift storesyard sales k0838422 … peddler’s malls… Any place there are older items just waiting for me to use somewhere… discover… use in a different waysandon0329s

We were almost to Atlantaafter stopping at some great places in Tennessee


Chattanooga had Ruby FallsLookout Mountainrockcitysm … We spent the night and took a tour on a RiverboatThe Southern Bellelogo

All was wonderful!

We decided the next few miles before we reached our destination would be devoted to “me” time… out-of-the-way sales of any kind… antiques… yard sales… garage salesk7572522 … It was the weekend… and all cities and little towns have these it seems… and the weather was perfect k10032129

We had stopped at a few when I made Bobby take a U-turn for a garage sale that was calling my name


I soon found out why

Not only did it have lots of “good stuff”… things were cheap! k0415887

I love rummaging and was going through a box of books… magazines… paint suppliesk7781868

when “there it was!”…

I hadn’t seen one since I was 11 years old… It had been a Christmas present from Santak4751773

The BEST present I ever received!… I BELIEVED that Christmas Day even if I had been having doubts about Santa’s existence

It was just a brown… black…white photo on the front … but, I recognized it immediately…


This set of wonderful drawing supplies with the author/instructor’s face looking from the cover was the most inspiring gift I had as a young childI loved to draw… I loved to paint… and I followed the instructions of this artist to the “T”….

The set I uncovered was complete


How could that be!…

I used mine until all of the paper… the kneaded eraser 220px-Kneaded_eraser … drawing pencils… sketching chalks… shading stump 31FHuoO61FL__AA160_… sand pad sharpener… was used completely up…

Only the instruction booklet was left and kept by me for many years until it finally was misplaced… thrown out???

I didn’t care about the price… This found treasure k10120431was to be mine… Made in 1960… the year I had received this wonderful gift from Santa…

I was grinning from ear to ear… almost hugging it to me… Actually… I think I did!…

The lady selling the items… was grinning back at me… “You kind of like that?”, she asked… “It’s been in that box for a long time”, she added…

“Yes, I can tell”, I said… looking at it like it was made of gold!” k8382403

She smiled a big smile!… “I like to draw and paint”k5461393 , she said…

“I assume you do too”…k5616302

“Oh, yes!”… as I looked up from my kneeling position from looking in the box…k11956256

“What do you want for this”, I asked…

She hesitates a moment… like she’s thinking of a price…

“Why don’t you just take it”“From one artist to another”, she adds… kle0044

I clutched the gift tighter thanking her over and over…k10651982k10651982 and thinking to myself, “Santa didn’t even have to bring it in his bag of toys” jed0013

I didn’t need to stop at anymore places… I had found my ultimate treasure… I browsed the booklet… memories rushing back as a little girl followed the instructions… like Jon Gnagy was right in front of me…

I fingered the pencils… the eraser was a little dry… and the paper a little yellow…

But, I was happyk9460523 I couldn’t love it any more than if it had been brand new

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Memories For Sale

  1. I remember that same set. Thank you for that walk down memory lane. I received a going away present when I left NY State of an adult version (Newer) from an old friend who wished me well and told me to paint and draw the beauty of Tennessee as I had of NY. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a fabulous story that made me weep with joy for you! What a lovely thing to be given the book too, how thoughtful – your love and passion and the memories filling your head must have been almost tangible to the seller.
    All the best to you. :)

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