Awards: Thanks So Much!

wonderful-team-membership-awardLIEBSTER AWARD-NOMINATED!sunshine-awardsuper-sweet-blogging-award21w6451Dragon's+Loyalty+Awardshineon1Best-Moment-Award

I was given all of these awards by

and I thank you so much…

I’m to answer these questions:

1-Do you have a goal in life?

To teach painting classes… k7799630

2-City or Countryside?

Countryside k12464995

3-What was the last word you looked up in the dictionary?

Malic…  Actually I just googled it…  to get the meaning… I was giving a talk at a group I belong to and wanted to be sure of meaning…


4-If you had a time machine where would you go?

I certainly don’t want to go backwards… and I don’t want to go forward yet… so I’d just use it to place me on the beach… having a great time…


5-Pirate or Vampire?

Both are pretty wicked I hear… Maybe a Johnny Depp kind of pirate…


6-Are you easily satisfied or do you keep working to obtain something?

I use to be more satisfied with whatever came along…but, I want more now…k7786889

7 Sweet or Savory?

Oh, that depends on the sweet… or the savory type of food… I guess I’ll go with sweet… donut

8-Do you believe in Karma?


I guess this is when I go to the dictionary… Just what is Karma???

No, I don’t think so…but, if I did… I only want “good” k3732969

9-Which is your favorite comedy movie?

Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation National+Lampoons+Christmas+Vacation+National+Lampoons+Christmas+Va

10-Fantasy or Sci-Fi?

Sci-Fi… but, not the scary kind… just the unique kind with a story line…fs-marathon3-1116x357

I pass these awards on to whoever reads this… You are all worthy…


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