Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?


The following is what I wrote that first blog day ( 12-31-2010) …k2527826

These were my goalsk8525651

I achieved them… by writing about my “Special Kids” for a whole yeark0662770

I don’t know how many readx22042384how many learned anything… k13912041how many people even made comments at that time…k12892580

but, my goal was obtainedk13456422

I also had as a goal to make this year of writing… about  “my kids”… into a bookcfr0052

That I haven’t done… but, has not been forgotten vmo0481


I have decided to start a blog… I am learning… but, have decided to try new things this year… I’ve always wanted to tell about my experiences while working with “Special Ed” children… I call them “my kids”… This experience began over 30 years ago… when my youngest son was just a baby… we were at a park with my two boys, my sister and her kids and my Mother… We often took a picnic lunch to the park to let the kids play… We took whatever we had in the house, which could be peanut butter and jelly or tuna fish sandwiches… Kool Aid a must!…  A  group of children under supervision of a young man and others were there also… As we were walking around… watching the kids play, a young boy approached us and started saying, “baby, baby”… He was reaching for “my baby” and got a hold of him and wouldn’t let go… My sister was getting excited and hollered for our Mother to help her… By this time a young man who I had seen with this group of children came running up and got the boy… giving us much relief… He said, “I’m sorry that the boy had grabbed the baby, but he meant no harm”… We found out that the children were “retarded”  children as we called them at that time… We left soon after… with a tale to tell my husband and others… I didn’t know that would be the beginning of my experiences with these “Special Kids”… I had a cousin with cerebral palsy… He was very smart,but lived in a twisted body with speech hardly recognizable… I liked him… but, didn’t really understand his health problems except through what I overheard from family… He had a great sense of humor and he loved my Dad… who would make special visits to see him even though it was some distance from our house… Dad was a joke teller and my cousin would get so tickled!…  I remember him using a typewriter… so I knew he had to be smart, just hard to get around and talk normal… Oh, how advanced he could have been if he had lived to use all the equipment that has been invented for people with his disabilities… I would say his disability was more physical and but as you will read later “mental” disabilities can be even harder…

My stories progressed after this… dealing with the issues I dealt with as a Teacher Assistant with these most Special Children“… k0662770“My Kids”…

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