Vase of Flowers

Another painting class… This time with a friend I made at the YMCA… She picked a picture of a vase with flowers to paint… The store… KOCH’S Painting… lists several different choices to pick from… on a monthly calendar


I always like the choices but, usually end up making it my own… in some way… The flowers in the picture were all pink


This was the one we were to copy…

I made them the colors I have in my bathroom… I had the same picture up for so long… I decided I needed a change

I’ve painted a long time… so I’ve learned from trial and error as I go… but, can always learn a new technique… a new way of doing things…

130522_001 My beginnings…

130522_006 My finished painting…


My friend painted hers pretty much like the picture offered… It was really nice… It takes about 3 hours to complete… By using acrylic paint … the paintings dry pretty quick with the aid of a hair dryeru10800296 …

130522_004My friend Janice…

Beginning of painting… 130522_003

130522_007 Finished painting…

The girl who owns the store and her partner have said they would like me to teach some of the classesI would jump at the chanceyta0013 It would be ideal!… A few days a week… teaching what I love… doing what I love… Talking to people and seeing the joy on their faces as they make something with their own hands… So when their new store opens… I hope to be working again… Retirement is good… but, having a job like this would be right up my alley!

130522_008 Showing off our artwork…

10 thoughts on “Vase of Flowers

  1. I wish I could come to your classes! I can sense your joy at being able to teach again and to help people find their talent. Your joy will communicate itself to your ‘pupils’ and they will love their lessons. Good luck with this project. :)

  2. so many times I get this deep urging to take a painting class, but every time I look into it a class cost almost 150 and I put it off once again. My father could paint very well, and the urge inside of me wonders what I am capable of

  3. Love your finished painting! You obviously have a lot of creative talent, and teaching sounds like it would be perfect for you! Hope it works out if that’s what you want! And I like your colors…more interesting than the painting you were copying! ~ Sheila

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