Weekly Photo Challenge: The sign says

We went over the bridge to Indiana 130526_003

We cross over to get to Horseshoe Casino… in Elizabeth, Indiana… about a 20-25 minute drive from Louisville… where we live… 130526_007

We had 2 free meals coupons from Paula Deen‘s Restaurant… food is very good…

and I hate to waste them…

Also, they were giving away a Cuisinart Grillsmall but, nice… Also a freebie I got in the mail… just have to cross the river to pick up… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The line wasn’t very long… and since we were there… went down to the boat to play some penny slots

We played and had fun today… Went to a different floor

There are four levels on the boat…

We played quite a while and left with what we came with… Not a bad way to have a good time!… (not always the case)

As we were leaving… I noticed purses for $10.00 and they had one I really liked… Small, but big enough for all my stuff… Summery print and when I went to pay for it… they gave me a discount of two dollars since I have a Players Card… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Another good deal!

We always grab a bottle of water when we leave… more habit than need sometimes… but, today the tickle in my throat is back… so it came in handy… 130530_008

We start across the river going south…


This is the “sign” that we always see as we cross over the Ohio River

It’s then… that I know I’m home

130530_007 u10911155

KENTUCKY… the Bluegrass State

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The sign says

  1. Wow, it sounded like you had a great time at the casino and all the freebies make it even better. Your new purse is too cute and the price is right. I just love the $10.00 shop at the casino. In fact, we usually eat fried mushrooms at Legends, we order a mixed drink, then we gamble on the boat and the last stop is the $10.00 shop!! We haven’t been there forever. The next time you and Bobby go let us know and we will join you. Have a great week and we will chat soon!! Happy Blogging……. Andrea

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