Butter Cookies

I was at a Dollar Store … actually “Deal’s”… picking up a few items the other day…

I always pick up something sweet… for my hubby and son…


Mostly cookies

They have all of the old-fashioned cookies

by Lil’ Dutch Maid logo

Coconut bars… Windmills…Ginger Snaps… and many others…but, one of MY favorites is the little flower shaped Butter Cookies


You know…the ones with the hole in the middle

I remember putting my fingers in the middle and wearing them…

These cookies have three different words embossed on them…





I tried and tried to find out why these words were put on these little cookies

to no avail on the internet

I could only think it was like picking the petals off a daisy and saying…

“He loves me… He loves me not”… kind of thing…

I found they are made by Fehr Foods Inc. in Abilene Texas… and they carry all of the above mentioned cookies and more…simple_img_1


but, had no reason as to why these words are put on the cookies

So please!… if anyone knows… let ME know…


My curiosity is roused!


I did find this cute video about them…

8 thoughts on “Butter Cookies

  1. the flower game, when we were little girls we would pick the petals of the flowers and play the game, he loves me, maybe, yes, or not

  2. At first, I thought you were going to say you’d tried and tried to find out why they were embossed thus by eating lots of them! Good excuse though. They look scrummy. Thanks so much for following and commenting on my blog.

  3. I have been loving butter cookies for years. I am not sure who manufacturer was. But I know when I saw them recently by Lil Baker Maid I grabbed them. Since then I have repeatedly buying more. Like a kid, I put them on my finger and like you, wonder why the yes and no are imprinted. I would love to know the answer. I have not tried the other flavors, but will probably try the lemon. I am tired of chocolate cookies.

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